The Drop Inn Center is participating in the 2012 Summer of Swine, which officially kicked off July 4th as part of the World Choir Games. The shelter's pig aptly named, Lend a Helping Ham, will be on display in the shelter's courtyard area along Elm Street, directly across from the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Lend a Helping Ham will not only be a permanent work of art, but will also serve as a functioning piggy bank. "Our pig actually has an opening in its mouth just like a piggy bank, so people passing by the courtyard will be able to help the homeless by donating their spare change, said Drop Inn Center's Director of Development, Gail Holtmeier. In these very tough economic times with more newly homeless coming through our doors each day, we need to get very creative in our fundraising efforts. This is just a fun way for people to give back and help the homeless. We welcome everyone to visit our pig and take advantage of this great photo op."

The Big Pig Gig is a production of ArtWorks in partnership with C-Change Class VI.

Sienna Gregory, artist